Bringing the Outdoors In

“Bringing the outdoors in” is a phrase you hear on HGTV decorating shows. But in this case, we are talking about “indoor” exercising of those muscles that children use “outdoors.” Typically, gross motor skills, such as running, jumping, climbing, and maybe even hanging up-side-down aren’t always recommended inside!

Indoor Exercising at the Academy

At the Academy, we have lots of indoor space to use for gross motor skill exercises. Using games and imaginative play, our children learn and have fun while developing these skills. You can see some of these activities in action on our video.

Suggested Indoor Activities

Even if you have limited indoor space at home, you can try these activities when it’s too cold for your children to go out:

  • Jumping
    • Let your child jump off the bottom step and land on both feet on the floor (for ages 2 – 2 ½)
    • Set up “hurdles” (made of blocks or other safe obstacles) and let your child jump over them with both feet
    • Get your child an indoor “kid’s” trampoline with a handrail. (Jumping may still require your supervision.)
  • Crawling
    • Set up a “crawling” obstacle course in the living room and make a circuit under tables, over upholstered chairs, and through tunnels made with couch cushions and blankets.
    • Hold your child’s legs like a wheelbarrow and let them walk around on their hands.
  • Throwing
    • Gather up lots of pairs of socks and ball up each pair. Have your child throw the socks into a basket. Give points for each “basket.” Repeat to improve the score!
    • Have a “snow ball ” fight with the socks.
  • Balancing
    • Walk the plank! If you have a balance beam, all the better, but you can use masking tape to tape off a narrow “beam” right on the floor. Children must walk the beam by putting one foot in front of the other.

Why Consider The Academy for Your Child?

One reason to consider The Academy is that we are widely considered one of the best preschools Nashville has to offer, winning the Best of Parenting Award 9 times since 2008. Plus, our curriculum is a nationally recognized and award winning, making it the foundation of our educational preschools and day care centers.

Another reason to choose the Academy is location. We have 11 preschools in greater Nashville to choose from so no matter where you live, or where your moving to, we have a preschool location that is convenient to you. We have preschools in the following areas: