Pre-K Program

The Academy is recognized by the community for our kindergarten specific programs including our one-of-a-kind Kindergarten Boot Camp. Our Pre-K program in Nashville and Middle Tennessee includes hands-on explorations that create new learning connections in language, math, science, social, emotional and physical development.

A Pre-K With Big Ideas

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Children investigate “Big Ideas” and are actively involved in seeking answers to their own questions. Intentional daily plans cover a specific range of guidelines that prepare our children to meet and exceed kindergarten readiness standards for both public and private schools.

Kindergarten Boot Camp

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Kindergarten Boot Camp, offered exclusively by Never Grow Up, is a dedicated summer program that teaches important, yet often overlooked, skills needed to navigate kindergarten with confidence.

Skills such as remembering a lunch number, carrying a lunch tray or returning a library book are examples of how we “train” our Academy kids to “be all they can be”!

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