Back to School

September is back-to-school month! It’s the perfect time to talk about the curriculum that we use here at The Academy. You are probably very familiar with our logo – the big-eyed, big-toed, green frog. He’s a loveable character, but he’s more than that. He also represents the curriculum that we use called Frog Street!

The Frog Street Curriculum

Frog Street curriculum is a continuum that covers birth to 5 years of age. It is a nationally recognized curriculum that had its beginnings in 1990. There’s a good reason we chose this Frog Street. They use the best and brightest in the early childhood field to create their developmental and learning curriculums.

Recognizing that children are joyful by nature, Frog Street seeks to tap into that joy. Their programs are filled with songs, music, games, and hands-on materials. Their activities inspire imagination. That is exactly what we think a curriculum for early childhood should be!

Intentionality of Instruction

While the Frog Street curriculum may feel like “fun and games,” the focus is always on intentionality of instruction. This means that the fun-filled, Frog Street learning experiences produce a specific and positive outcome. When we ignite the minds of young children, we are fostering their academic, social, and emotional growth.

Built into the curriculum is the understanding of the impact that family involvement and reinforcement has on learning. This is in line with our belief that The Academy is not just for kids…it’s for your WHOLE family.

Learn More about The Academy Learning Experience

Our program is designed to prepare children for school while they learn that education is great fun! Find out more about the educational programs we offer:

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And One More Thing

Our program also includes a social and emotional learning program, created by Dr. Becky Bailey, called Conscious Discipline. This scientifically developed program, provides behavior management strategies that teachers can use to turn everyday situations into learning opportunities.