Kindergarten Boot Camp

At The Academy, our Kindergarten Boot Camp (KBC) is in full swing, and we are so excited to be getting our little “cadets” ready for their first day of school in the Fall. The kids get their own KBC T-shirts that they wear on Tuesdays and Thursdays. And they get their own backpacks, filled with goodies they can use when they go to kindergarten.

The Wheels on the Bus

Learning about the bus that the “big kids” get to ride to school is one of the cadets’ favorite days:

  • Getting on the bus.
  • Sitting on the bus.
  • Getting off the bus.
  • Learning bus safety from “Buster” the talking bus.

School Lunches

We set up our own “cafeteria” in the enrichment area to teach our cadets about the school lunch program. Our staff serves them the food in the cafeteria line. The kids love:

  • Lining up to go to the cafeteria
  • Going through the cafeteria line
  • Carrying a lunch tray
  • Entering the price on the play cash register
  • Putting the chairs on the table when lunch time is over

What’s not to love?

The Three R’s

Our cadets are happy to have “reading assignments” and “homework.” (Parents, enjoy this while you can!) They are starting to feel like real kindergarteners already.

Another favorite is the workbook that each cadet gets. It’s for:

  • Writing their names and the letters of the alphabet
  • Solving math problems
  • Just writing in general

The workbook gives them a such a sense of accomplishment and confidence.

Learn More about the Academy Pre-K Program

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