“Watch Me Mommy!”

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Millions of preschool-age children say this phrase daily all over the world as they proudly demonstrate their newest feat – standing on one foot for 5 seconds or jumping forward two feet or throwing a ball. These are the small joys of childhood that come from developing the use of the large muscles in the body, often referred to as “gross motor skills.”

The Importance of Physical Activity

At The Academy preschools in Nashville, TN, we know that incorporating physical activity in a young child’s day helps develop gross motor skills. It also:

  • Promotes long-lasting good health
  • Increases confidence
  • Improves self-esteem that comes from being able to successfully take part in games with other children
  • Releases stress and frustration
  • Improves other cognitive skills

General Outline of Gross Motor Skills

Each child learns motor skills at a different rate, but the following is a short list of what preschoolers learn at different ages:

A 3-year-old learns to:

  • Stand on one foot for 3 seconds
  • Walk up and down stairs without holding onto the railing, using one foot on each step
  • Jump over a line
  • Kick a stationary ball 6 feet
  • Throw a ball
  • Independently get on/off a tricycle and pedal 20 feet

 A 4-year-old learns to:

  • Stand on one foot for 5 seconds
  • Stand on tiptoes for 3 seconds without moving feet
  • Jump over a small hurdle
  • Keep balance while running after changing direction
  • Walk backwards on a line
  • Throw a ball that hits a target 5 feet away

A 5-year-old learns to :

  • Stand on one foot for 10 seconds
  • Mimic movements accurately
  • Skip 10 feet
  • Jump sideways
  • Kick a ball straight for 10 feet
  • Ride a bike with training wheels
  • “Dog-paddle” for 2 feet

A Rounded Program

At The Academy we combine physical activity with the best curriculum to create a perfectly rounded program for your child. We invite you to learn more about our curriculum here.