The Top Preschools in Hendersonville Endorse Family Dinners

The Academy, one of the top preschools in Hendersonville, encourages families to have family dinners. The benefits are physical, academic, social, and emotional. And the recipe that makes the “magic” happen is fun, food, and conversation.

Take Advantage of the Entire Process

Top preschools in Hendersonville encourage family dinners.Make meal planning and even grocery shopping a family affair. Let your children help with food prep, setting the table, and cleaning up.

For sure, the menu should be a healthy one, but don’t focus as much on the menu as you do on just being together and having fun. That’s the important part. However, studies show that everyone tends to eat healthier at family meals.

Ban the Cell Phones and Talk with Each Other

Talking at meals increases a child’s vocabulary about eight times more than reading to a child. But you really can’t have conversations if everyone is looking at a cell phone. So, parents, put them away – not only at home, but in restaurants. Make it a point to talk to your children.

Don’t Stress Out Over Family Dinners

The benefits of eating together as a family are diminished somewhat if the atmosphere is tense. It’s not generally possible to have the whole family at every family meal. So be flexible. Don’t worry if you can’t get everyone together every night. What really matters is how relaced the atmosphere is and how good the conversation is.

Realize the Long Term Benefits

Children who grow up with family meal time have a more positive outlook and lower rates of depression as teenagers. They are also less likely to smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, or use drugs.

The Academy Is One of the Top Preschools in Hendersonville

At The Academy, we seek the same family-dining benefits by having the children eat lunch and snacks together. The kids learn from each other, and our teachers learn more about each child too. See if one of our locations is right for you.