The Best Nashville Daycares Know Naps Are a Must

The Best Nashville Daycares Have Nap TimeThe Academy, one of the best Nashville daycares, schedules daily nap periods that are age-appropriate. For babies, we let them dictate when they sleep. For older children we schedule regular nap times. And for our oldest children, who usually do not require naps any more, we schedule rest periods. The need for and the benefits of naps are numerous.

Why Are Naps Needed?

Almost every parent knows that skipping a little one’s nap usually results in irritability and possible meltdowns.

Babies and toddlers (ages 0 – 24 months) can’t tolerate being awake as long as older children due to the development their bodies are going through. Some experts believe that the rapid brain development happening during the early years tires little ones out!

What Are the Benefits of Naps?

Studies involving napping demonstrate that naps:

  • enhance learning.
  • facilitate better emotional regulation.
  • support better nighttime sleep.

Learning: Several studies show that little ones who nap outperform their non-napping peers in cognitive tasks, such as learning language and memorizing.

Controlling Emotions: One study involving 2-year-olds found that toddlers who miss just one nap were less able to regulate their emotions. They became more anxious, withdrawn, and irritated by even small stressors. Additionally they were less happy about exciting things.

Sleeping Better at Night: Other studies show that naps can help a child sleep better at night. This is because when children are overtired, the stress hormone cortisol can flood their bodies, making them overactive. Note: Napping too much or taking naps too late in the day can be detrimental to a good night’s sleep.

Doesn’t Your Child Deserve to Attend One of the Best Nashville Daycares?

When you pick up your child from The Academy, your child will be rested, in control, and happy to see you. If you want more information about any of our many locations, please contact us.