The Best Daycares Nashville Has to Offer – Driven by Curiosity

As parents watch their children grow, they notice their joy of discovery. This joy can come from nature, playtime, or books. We at The Academy feel it is an important part of our curriculum to help build a child’s curiosity. We want to share ways you as parents can do this also.

Simple Ways to Build Curiosity

Helping to build your child’s curiosity is not difficult. Here are four easy ways to help your child explore the world around him.

1. Instill a sense of wonder

Parents need to slow down to allow themselves and their child to notice the simple things in nature. Whether it is a flower, snowflake, or a squirrel, observing small things in nature can help your child appreciate the world around him.

2. Communicate through art

Create opportunities for you and your child to develop her curiosity through art. Paints and play dough are fun ways for children to express their feelings. Take pictures on your nature walks. Put them in a book to remind you both of the experiences you shared.

3. Follow your child’s interests

Let your child’s interests determine what he explores. Even if you as a parent don’t know the answers to his questions, together you can search possible solutions. His curiosity with be broadened as he pursues activities he loves.

4. Use open-ended questions

As busy parents, it is often easy to answer questions with a yes or no. But to encourage thinking, prompt your children with thoughtful questions. This will help them with their understanding and lead them to more discoveries.


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