The Best Daycares in Spring Hill Teach Socialization Skills

When searching for the best daycares in Spring Hill, many parents are eager to find one with a good teaching curriculum. At The Academy we have an award-winning preschool curriculum,  and that’s important. But we know that before young children can learn academics, they have to learn social and emotional skills.

Teaching A Sense of Community

Best Daycares in Spring HillPreschool children are learning, maybe for the first time, how to be part of a classroom community. A preschool curriculum that focuses on socialization skills helps children understand what it means to be part of a community. Activities such as lining up to go in or out to the play yard, sitting in a circle for reading time, and listening to others helps develop the sense of community.

Focusing on Socialization

Our goal is to help children become a well-rounded student, friend, family member, and community member. That’s why so many of our activities focus on socialization. These include activities such as sharing crayons, playing with an object as a group, and eating together. These activities help develop important skills such as teamwork, patience, and understanding.

Developing social skills help your child to:

  • manage his own feelings
  • understand others’ feelings
  • recognize the needs of others
  • interact with others respectfully

Providing Age-Appropriate Activities

To this point, we have been discussing social skills in general terms. However, at The Academy we know what kind of activities are appropriate for the age of the child. For example, a two-year old is usually too young to play “with” another child. At this age, a child begins to participate in “parallel play.” So, we encourage a 2-year-old to play side by side with another child, rather than interactively playing with the child.

The Academy Provides the Best Daycares in Spring Hill and Other Local Communities

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