The Benefits of Constructive Play

Constructive play is an idea that child development expert Jean Piaget formulated. Very simply, it is play that involves a child using material to create or build something. The material can be anything. This includes blocks, sand, water, LEGOs, play dough, boxes, PVC pipes, pipe cleaners, you name it.

The key is that the child is intentionally and creatively making something using different methods and materials. When the child is satisfying his or her curiosity by making something by hand, learning takes place.

What Can Children Learn from Constructive Play?

This type of play provides nothing short of fabulous developmental opportunities. For example, children can explore:

  • Math Concepts: counting, shapes, sizes, and symmetry.
  • Scientific Concepts:  gravity, balance, cause and effect
  • Creativity: Designing and making their construction using materials that they choose.
  • Physical Skills: Using fine and gross motor skills to manipulate materials.
  • Problem Solving Skills: trial and error, testing ideas
  • Social Skills: cooperation and collaboration, perseverance, patience, flexibility

The list could go on and on.

Building Week at the Academy

Constructive play for Pre-K and ToddlersAt The Academy we devoted an entire week to Piaget’s theory of constructive play. We called it “Building Week.” Our children explored building with wooden blocks, foam blocks, hollow blocks, recycled boxes, and even pool noodles! Turns out that building the highest stack appeals equally to the Pre-K child as to the two-year-old.

We love seeing our little friends have so much fun. Knowing that they are also developing better cognitive and social skills makes it even better.

The Academy Day Child Care Centers Serve Middle Tennessee

The Academy has 11 locations to serve our Middle Tennessee community. We have two conveniently and strategically located preschools Brentwood TN parents can choose from. Additionally, we have

  • five locations in Franklin
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Additionally, two new locations are coming soon!