Teaching Children To Be Generous

How many times have you noticed your preschooler grabbing other children’s toys? You might begin to wonder if your child is selfish. The answer is yes!  But don’t worry, your child just needs time to develop. The Academy is the perfect place to help parents with teaching children to be generous and not be selfish. Parents have voted The Academy top of the list of Nashville preschools for 13 years straight.

Teaching Your Child about Giving

Teaching Children TO Be GenerousAs a parent you need to show your child what it means to think of others even if it does not benefit him. Here are several tips on how to teach your child about giving to others.

  • Acts of Kindness. Talk to your child about performing acts of kindness. It can be something as small as drawing a picture for grandma or opening a door for a stranger.
  • Donate. Encourage your child to go through his clothes and toys he doesn’t need. Then take him to a center that needs these items so he can appreciate how he has helped others. Additionally, donating time to an elderly neighbor or helping a family member do a chore can be just as meaningful.
  • Need. Help your child understand need by discussing family problems that others could have. It might be financial, physical limitations, or emotional problems. Talk to them about ways to help classmates that might have a “need.”
  • Volunteering. Bring your child with you as you volunteer. Encourage him to think of people or organizations he feels might need help.

Teaching Children To Be Generous Is a Process

Even after practicing these tips on how to make your child a giver, will he still be selfish at times? Of course! But with constant encouragement, you will be able to see positive changes in your child.