Talking about Fire Safety

Finally, we are beginning to get a hint of cooler weather here in middle Tennessee. Hopefully, we will see some real fall temperatures soon so we can roast some marshmallows over a roaring fire. And speaking of fire, we are talking about fire safety this month – from candles to burning building!

Getting Out of Burning Buildings

With the invention of smoke detectors, schools and facilities like The Academy are much safer than in the “old” days. Then, you had one red fire alarm box on the wall per floor (if you were lucky). But just like in the “old” days, we still have fire drills. In this photo you can see that all our children and staff at The Academy of Harpeth Village “got out safely” during the fire drill.

Fire drills are just one way we ensure your child’s safety and well-being at the Academy. But our staff is trained for many different types of emergencies. Learn more about our teacher certifications in CPR and SIDS.

Avoiding Burns

At the lower end of the fire safety spectrum, we are talking about the things around us in our homes that could burn us. We talk about things that get hot, and things they should not get close to. We’re talking about the burners on a range top, candles, lighters, matches, portable heaters, etc.

Practicing Fire Safety at Home

We hope that you will take time this month to talk about fire safety in your home. Every family should have an escape plan in case of fire. And it’s a good idea to discuss possible exit routes and exit points. Having a home fire drill is not a bad idea either. Be sure to designate a place outside the home for the family to meet. To add some fun, time the drill and then try to beat the time.