Summer Childcare Program Kicks off at The Academy

summer childcare programWe know that working parents need a summer childcare program they can count on, and we are here for you. The Academy provides more than just a summer childcare program. At The Academy, we want our summer curriculum to feel less academic and more like summer vacation. But that doesn’t mean the children are not learning and developing every day!

The Summer Kick Off at The Academy always begins the first week in June and continues until school starts. This year we are calling our summer “Imagine.” All of our little ones are excited to start their summer vacation at The Academy wearing their new blue shirts with our summer logo (as shown in the photo).

Children Love the Summer Childcare Program at The Academy

Our summer childcare curriculum is really learning cleverly disguised as fun. For example, our children just love the weekly “Water Day.” It is usually the highlight of the week. Water, sunshine, and fun are the key ingredients, but so much learning takes place too. While the children are playing in and with water, they are

  • Developing their gross motor skills (jumping, running, balancing)
  • Developing their fine motor skills (pouring water, squeezing sponges, squirting water)
  • Practicing social skills (sharing, cooperating, being kind)
  • Developing emotional skills (like not being afraid to slide down the huge water slide)
  • Learning mathematical and scientific concepts (measuring water, observing objects that sink or float)
  • Using their imaginations (pretending to fish, pretending to be mermaids)

The Perfect Summer Solution

The Academy is your perfect summer solution. We have openings waiting available. No matter where you live in the greater Nashville area, you’ll find one of our preschools close by.  The Academy has locations in Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin, Hendersonville, and Spring Hill. We even have locations in Murfreesboro.  All of our preschool locations are into their summer programs, having fun in the sun.