Skills for Preschoolers Taught at The Academy

preschools franklin tn skills for preschoolers to deal with emotionsThe Academy is known for having some of the top preschools in Franklin, TN, but preschool is not only a place to prepare children for elementary school. It is also a place where children might experience emotions and conflicts as they interact with other children. At The Academy, we teach skills for preschoolers that will help them learn to deal with their own emotions and conflicts as well as those of their classmates.

Skills for Developing Good Relationships

Preschoolers tend to be selfish and don’t understand how to build relationships with others.  Our staff at The Academy want them to learn to feel compassion for others. We help children learn compassion in these two ways:

  • Read stories.
    We choose stories that deal with feelings. As we read, we ask questions about how the characters feel in different situations. Then we ask the children how they can help others deal with situations similar to those in the stories.
  • Affirm their feelings.
    We want to let the children know it is okay to feel sad, angry, happy, or excited. We also want them to realize that their classmates are dealing with these same feelings.

Skills to Solve Conflict

Even a young child must learn to solve problems.  We use these questions to help children develop problem-solving skills:

  • What is the problem?
  • What are possible solutions?
  • Would your solution be safe and fair?

Skills to Deal with Emotions

Preschoolers have not yet developed the skills to deal with their emotions.  We use these steps to help them develop these skills:

  • We model the skill for the child.
  • The staff gives positive feedback when the child deals with his emotions in an appropriate way.
  • Teachers use puppets to model the emotional skills we want to encourage.

The Academy Teaches Important Skills for Preschoolers Every Day

It is never too early for children to learn to develop social, emotional, and conflict-solving skills.  At The Academy we know how to help your child develop in all these areas. It is our priority every day. We invite you to come for a tour and see for yourself or click to learn more about The Academy.