Nashville Preschools with Playgrounds that Are Great for Preschoolers

preschools with playgrounds nashville tn best preschools child care daycaresAt The Academy we provide playground equipment that is state-of-the-art. Why? Because we know how important playing on a playground is in your child’s develop. They are so important that you should probably only consider sending your children to preschools with playgrounds.

When you become a parent and begin to consider the benefits of a preschool, you often concentrate on the school curriculum.  While reading, writing, art and music are essential to a child’s growth, playground time is just as important. Children enjoy time outside, but, in addition, playing promotes growth and strengthens large muscles in your child.

The Academy Is the Right Place for Your Child

At the Academy we use an award-winning curriculum to provide them the background necessary for elementary school. And we also provide playgrounds to help increase gross motor development for a healthier future. If you are looking for Murfreesboro TN preschools, look no farther than The Academy. We also have locations in Franklin, Brentwood, Nashville, Hendersonville, and Spring Hill.

The Advantages Preschools with Playgrounds Offer Your Children

An often-hidden perk on the playground is when the children try things on their own:

  • The stairs on the slide may be difficult at first. But as the stairs get easier with repetition, the child enjoys a sense of accomplishment.
  • Using equipment the wrong way has health benefits too. For example, a child might climb up a slide instead of sliding down it. This activity makes a child less clumsy and develops bodily awareness. It also sends messages to the brain about balance and motion, helping develop equilibrium.
  • Climbing stairs or climbing up a slide increase core strength as well as leg strength.

Learning to swing is also instructional. The playgrounds at The Academy have swings that are both relaxing and soothing to the child. For young children, our instructors help them swing by pushing them. But as a child gets older, he or she will start to pump their legs on their own. This builds confidence as well as stronger legs and muscles.