Featured Preschool: The Academy of Westhaven

The Academy of Westhaven has one of the highest quality child care programs and one of the finest teaching staffs available among preschools in Franklin, TN.

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Following in the outstanding traditions and high standards of The Academy Preschools, the Academy of Westhaven offers unmatched educational and enrichment programs in a state-of-the-art facility.

Like each of the four Academy Preschools in Franklin, TN, Westhaven uses the award-winning “Frog Street Press Curriculum.”

Happy Birthday to Dr. Seuss from The Academy Preschools in Franklin TN

The Academy of Westhaven, along with the other Academy preschools in Franklin TN, celebrated Dr. Seuss’ birthday for an entire week in March—reading his books—always a favorite among preschoolers—and snacking on One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish (crackers, of course)!

March is also “Bug Month” for The Academy Preschools. Children are learning about insects in some very creative ways, including some gourmet dining on apple lady bugs and ant hills made of Jello and raisins.

Academy Preschools in Franklin TN Promote Family Activities

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At The Academy of Westhaven, there are always fun and creative activities that keep the preschoolers engaged and excited about learning. One special type of activity, called a “Buzz” activity, is designed by The Academy to motivate families to do things together.

A current Buzz activity, just in time for spring, is planting a flower with the family. The preschoolers get hands-on experience with little shovels, potting soil, seeds, and starter pots, and then take the pots home to plant with their families.

April’s Emphasis Will Be “Green Our Scene”


Teaching the children about recycling and encouraging their families to recycle is the focus in April for the Academy preschools in Franklin, TN. There’s likely to be a contest between classes to see which class can collect the most recyclables; a prize for the winning class is probably in the works; but it’s certain that there will be some unique art projects made from some of the recyclables collected. So make some space on the refrigerator!