How the Academy is Preparing Our Brentwood TN Pre-K Students for Kindergarten

Before your children enter kindergarten, make sure they attend the best pre-k Brentwood TN has to offer. The Academy, with two locations in Brentwood, is one of the best pre-kindergartens you can choose. Our pre-k program promotes language, math, science, social, emotional and physical development through hands-on exploration.

Research shows that actively involving children in all aspects of their environment results in the best learning. This early education premise is the cornerstone of our nationally recognized, award-winning curriculum.

Kindergarten Bootcamp Is Also Available for Pre-K Students

Our Kindergarten Boot Camp is a dedicated summer program that teaches skills for navigating kindergarten with confidence. Remembering a lunch number, carrying a lunch tray, or getting on and off a school bus are examples of the skills we teach. Many of our regular pre-K Brentwood TN students also attend our summer Boot Camp.

What You Can Do at Home to Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten

Try these activities at home to help your child get ready for kindergarten:

  • Establish a set bedtime and bedtime routines. Try to start bedtime routines in time to “hit” the bedtime mark.
  • Practice the new morning routine. Walk to the bus stop with your child or drive to the new school.
  • Decrease or phase out naps. Help your child get used to a full day.
  • Make a plan for before- and after-school (if applicable). Discuss where your child will go and how he or she will get from school to child care.
  • Create a homework space. Give you child a homework-type activity to practice with in the new space.

The Academy Has Two Pre-K Brentwood TN Locations

Our two Academy Preschools Brentwood TN families rate as exceptional have state-of-the art learning environments for your children. Our spacious classrooms optimize a child’s learning experience and foster creativity. Schedule a tour and come see for yourself.