Preparing for First Grade

Don’t let preparing for first grade sneak up on you. When it’s time for first grade, both parents and their children are anxious. This is the first step into years of learning, and you as the parent want to ensure your child is ready. Preparing for First Grade

The Academy Students Start Preparing for First Grade Right from the Start

Choosing the right daycare and preschool is one of the most important step for guaranteeing success in later school years. The Academy curriculum starts training children at a very young age to develop the skills for navigating school in the future. Our program is also designed to make education great fun! It inspires a desire in children to learn.

Even after a successful preschool and kindergarten experience, first grade can seem daunting. But preparing for it doesn’t have to be overwhelming if you follow the easy guidelines in the rest of this blog.

Begin with Breakfast

In busy households, breakfast is often skipped. But a healthy breakfast will ensure your child has a good start to his school day.

  • Choose easy breakfasts to prepare
  • Choose healthy foods your child likes
  • Make items the night before or even the weekend before that can be frozen

Sleep is Essential

After a summer of late nights and vacations, it is hard to get your child into a routine for bedtime. But a good night’s sleep will benefit your first grader enormously.

  • Know the time your child’s school begins or when the bus will come. This will help you plan for when you need to wake him up.
  • Start setting a schedule for going to bed and waking up well before the school year begins.
  • Choose quiet activities before bedtime such as reading to help him relax before sleep.

Success in First Grade

Even a first grader needs preparation for beginning school.  He will enjoy buying school supplies such as a new backpack or favorite pencils.  These are things to help your child succeed in school.

  • Create a space in the home for him to store his supplies and maybe even do homework.
  • Use a planner so both you and your child know the schedule for upcoming events and assignments.