Outdoor Learning at The Academy

Outdoor learning, also known as nature-based education, has gained recognition as a valuable approach to early childhood education. This approach uses the outdoor environments to foster children’s connection to nature, and promote holistic development. Nature-based learning is one of the cornerstones of The Academy curriculum. We have outdoor activities daily (as weather permits).

Key Benefits of Outdoor Learning

Nature-based education can provide a child with many benefits. Overall, outdoor learning offers a rich and diverse learning environment that can stimulate children’s curiosity, creativity, problem-solving skills, and love for nature.

Spending Time Outdoors Increases the Appreciation for Nature

One of the key benefits of outdoor learning is the opportunity for children to engage with the natural world in a meaningful and hands-on way. Nature-based learning allows children to observe and interact with plants, animals, weather patterns, and natural phenomena. This hands-on learning  can help children develop a deep appreciation for the beauty and complexity of the natural world.

Outdoor Learning Helps Develop Many Skills through Physical Activity

Outdoor learning also offers numerous physical, cognitive, and social-emotional benefits for children. Spending time outdoors can promote sensory exploration and develop motor development.

Research has shown that outdoor play can boost children’s creativity, problem-solving abilities, and cognitive skills. As opposed to the classroom environment, the unstructured nature of the outdoors can foster social skills such as collaboration, communication, and conflict resolution.

Spending Meaningful Time Outdoors Can Reduce Stress and Improve Mood

Studies show that spending time in natural settings can reduce stress, improve mood, and enhance concentration. Recently our children had so much fun planting seeds. Simply digging in the dirt, feeling the sun and the breeze, and smelling the scents of spring brought a sense of calm and focused attention to the children.

The Academy Integrates Outdoor Learning with Traditional Childhood Learning Programs

By integrating nature-based education into our award-winning curriculum, we create engaging and meaningful learning experiences for your child. We invite your family to join our family. The Academy has daycare locations near you.