Kindergarten Readiness Skills

Starting kindergarten doesn’t need to be a scary time for a child or parent. The Academy offers Kindergarten Boot Camp every summer to teach kindergarten readiness skills. Learn more about our pre-K programs here.

But, as a parent, you can help your child enter kindergarten with confidence by working on readiness skills at home. Here are some suggestions for working on these skills with your child.

Reading Readiness Skills

Reading books to your child is an obvious activity for reading readiness. But let the child handle the book and teach the child such things as how to hold it in the correct position, open the cover, and turn the pages. While reading to your child, help your child identify rhyming words and recognize letters of the alphabet. After finishing a story, ask your child questions about the story and have your child retell the story to you.

Social & Emotional Development

In kindergarten, teachers will expect your child (with just occasional reminders) to:

  • remain focused for a length of time
  • work well independently
  • follow rules
  • regulate his own behavior
  • listen when others are speaking

You can encourage these skills at home by expecting the same from your child. When your child doesn’t follow rules or interrupts, gently remind your child by saying things like, “Your sister was talking first. Please wait ’til she’s finished. Don’t forget, it’s not polite to interrupt.” Or, “Remember the rule. No running in the house.”

Fine Motor & Self-help Skills

Be aware that kindergarten teachers will expect children to be able to be able to: carry a lunch tray, open packaged food items, take care of toilet needs, and button or zip their clothes without assistance.

Using a pencil and scissors are also fine motor skills that a child needs to have before going to kindergarten. Encourage your child to practice using a pencil by writing his or her first and last name and the upper- and lower-case letters of the alphabet. Ask your child to draw several simple pictures (Mom or Dad, dog, tree, etc.) on one sheet of paper. Then use scissors to cut out each one.

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