Kindergarten Readiness Skills

The summer before kindergarten is an exciting time for preschoolers! Many of them have been attending preschool classes and are eagerly awaiting their first day of kindergarten.  In this post, we share some activities that will develop kindergarten readiness skills. These activities will help students channel their excitement while keeping their skills sharp.

Engaging Activities for Kindergarten Readiness Skills

Preschoolers may feel anxious about entering kindergarten. Over the summer you can do some fun activities that will ease their fears about kindergarten. These will also help them see that they are indeed ready for school.

  • Kindergarten Readiness Skills - ColoringUsing School Tools. Make sure your child knows how to hold a pencil, cut with scissors, and use paste.  The kindergarten teachers will be so pleased!
  • Recognizing Letters. Have them trace letters, play a game where they hunt for the named letter, or decorate letter outlines.  Although these are fun, they will reinforce their knowledge of letters.
  • Identifying Colors and Shapes. Coloring books are a fun way to show they know colors and shapes.  They will enjoy using a variety of  colors to fill in different shapes and objects.
  • Identifying Numbers. Call out numbers and ask the child to find the number on a worksheet.  He then can color the number and count out beans or other objects that match that number.
  • Writing His Name. Let your child practice writing his name.  He will need to put his name on many papers in kindergarten.

Kindergarten Boot Camp at The Academy

At The Academy, we know how important it is for a child to be ready for kindergarten. The transition from preschool to kindergarten can be a big leap. That is why we instituted “Boot Camp” at The Academy. It’s our summer kindergarten preparation program. This program can ensure that your child possesses the readiness skills that will make the kindergarten year successful. Learn more about boot camp.