Kindergarten Bootcamp at The Academy

People ask, “What is Kindergarten Boot Camp (BC)?” At the Academy, it’s a program that helps prepare our pre-K students to enter kindergarten. It teaches the “little cadets,” as we call them, all the skills they will need to navigate kindergarten.

KBC is a summer program we offer exclusively to our up-and-coming kindergartners. The BEST part for you? There is NO ADDITIONAL cost!

So Much to Learn

The transition from pre-K to kindergarten can be difficult. There are so many new things a child may encounter:

  • Going to a new school
  • Being in a more formal classroom setting
  • Being in a class with more students
  • New or unfamiliar teaching methods
  • Riding a bus
  • Going through a cafeteria line
  • Carrying a lunch tray
  • Opening a milk carton
  • Returning library books
  • Having homework
  • Workin in a workbook
  • Standing in line quietly

A Typical Week at KBC

Monday: Lending Library Day. Cadets get a library card to check out a book to take home to read and bring back the next week.

Tuesday: Cafeteria Day. Cadets get to eat in the “cafeteria” after selecting what they want for lunch. They get a special number to practice with as their lunch account number. And they even get to choose fancy milk cartons just like they would have at kindergarten!

Wednesday: KBC T-shirt Day. Cadets practice special skills, such as buttoning, zipping, and tying laces

Thursday: Homework Day. Cadets turn in their assignment for the week.

Friday: Wrap Up. Cadets get to have cafeteria style lunch again.

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