What Happens Every Year at This Time?

Can you guess? Let me give you a hint. Green!

No, it’s not St. Patrick’s Day, although we will be celebrating that in style. It’s time for our seasonal program that we call “Green our Scene.” It is our annual focus on recycling. Not just learning about it – but doing it in a very practical way that helps enrich your child’s experience here at the Academy.

Using Our Imaginations to Turn Trash Into Treasure

You’ve heard that old saying about trash versus treasure. It might be the perfect slogan for our “Green the Scene” program. There are many household items that you have that most people would consider trash. But if you collect them and bring them to us, we can turn them into creative and imaginative treasures for your child.

Here are the items that you can recycle by bringing them to us:

  • Bubble wrap
  • Boxes (empty, assorted sizes)
  • Cardboard inserts from packages
  • Clean food containers (large plastic coffee containers, oatmeal boxes)
  • Empty paper towel rolls
  • Empty ribbon spools
  • Fabric & ribbon scraps
  • Grocery bags
  • Hand soap bottles (empty)
  • Kitchen items such as pots and pans
  • Lids (examples washing detergent, med/large Tupperware)
  • Magazines
  • Natural baskets
  • Natural pine cones
  • Newspaper
  • Old electronics such as keyboards or remote controls (no batteries)
  • Party favors
  • Plastic bottles (Gatorade and assorted sizes)
  • Sample materials (carpet, paint, tile etc.)
  • Scraps of paper or felt

We hope you will take this opportunity to involve the whole family in thinking about and making our community a greener place.

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