5 Reasons Parents Choose The Academy

At The Academy, we believe in providing every child in our program with the highest quality preschool education in an environment that is fun and safe, allowing parents to have peace of mind, knowing their child is receiving the best possible care. In addition to fun activities and a safe environment, we offer additional services and care that set us apart. Here are 5 reasons parents choose to become a part of The Academy family.

1. Community

At The Academy, we consider all of our families to be part of The Academy Family. Whether you’re away at work, dropping your child off, or attending one of our family events, you are an integral part of the fabric of our community.

In order to provide peace of mind, we offer webcams and security procedures that keep parents feeling connected and assured that their child is well cared for. We also offer family friendly activities during and outside of regular care hours. Some of the events we host include Fall is for Your Family, Fitness Fanatics and Green Our Scene. One of the reasons The Academy are the best preschools in Nashville is because we strive for a community of families that promote family togetherness and elevate the role of the parent as paramount in fostering a child’s development.

2. Teachers That Care

The Academy teachers provide the highest quality of care available. They are degreed and/or experienced in early childhood development and are highly trained and well versed in the programming and curriculum we offer. All teachers are CPR and First Aid Certified, certified in Baby Sign Language, and trained in SIDS Prevention. The Academy believes in constantly learning and improving, which is why we offer continued education and training for all of our teachers. We want to provide the best preschools in Nashville by offering the highest level of care and the finest preschool education.

3. State-of-the Art Facilities

The Academy offers state-of-the art learning environments for your children. We provide the best preschools in Nashville by providing an ideal environment for learning and fun. Our facilities are designed with your child in mind. The décor is bright, clean and cheerful and engages the child’s senses, welcoming them to a wonderful day of learning and fun. We offer a breakfast bar, where children can nourish their bodies with delicious and healthy food. They’re able to expand their horizons by utilizing the latest technology in our enrichment classes, encouraging creativity and fun while learning. And of course, the children always look forward to letting loose on our whimsically designed playgrounds at each of our facilities.

4. Programming and Curriculum

Children who attend The Academy receive the best in preschool education. We offer programs that meet and exceed kindergarten readiness standards for the state of Tennessee. Our Curriculum, Frog Street Press, is an award-winning curriculum designed to engage all aspects of learning. We enhance our curriculum with special activities and guests, allowing children to prepare for school with a fun and dynamic approach.

5. Enrichment

While providing the best curriculum and programs available, The Academy also offers Enrichment to all of our children. Enrichment is a supplemental resource, specifically designed each month to complement our academic curriculum and create a streamlined educational experience, opening the minds of children to new experiences and learning adventures. Enrichment is already included in the tuition and available to all children. It focuses on the arts, cultures, movement, and sciences and is provided by outside experts, using a resource called Pre-Scholar Enrichments. Enrichment offers your child the opportunity to expand their learning offering opportunities above and beyond what is expected at the average preschool.

The Academy is committed to offering the best preschools Nashville has to offer through our state-of-the art facilities, our programming and curriculum, our excellent teaching staff, enrichment and our sense of community.

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