How Animals Benefit Early Childhood Development

At The Academy, a learning center for early childhood development, we encourage hands-on learning. Learning and caring for animals can be a valuable hands-on lesson for children. By caring for animals, children can develop many cognitive and emotional skills. We are one of the leading preschools in middle Tennessee with five preschools in Franklin, TN at the time of this blog post.

early childhood development preschools in Franklin TNGrowing Up With a Pet

Owning a pet is often the thing children remember most from their childhood. But in addition to memories, pets help children with their emotional well-being both as children and adults. For example:

  • If a child loses a pet, he will understand death better and be able to cope if a friend or relative dies.
  • Confiding in their pets when they are feeling blue helps children to express their emotions and process them.
  • By taking care of the needs of pets, such as walking and feeding them, children learn to think about someone besides themselves. They also learn responsibility.
  • Playing with a pet can relieve the stress and anxiety a child may feel from home situations or school.

Learning about Animals during Early Childhood Development

If you are unable to have a pet in your home, children can learn to respect animals in other ways:

  • Go to a local zoo. Let the children watch zookeepers caring for animals, In many zoos there are petting areas with bunnies and goats.
  • Look in your own backyard. Children can watch for birds, deer, and squirrels in their natural habitat.
  • Plan a bug hunt. They can keep a record of the many different bugs they see in their own backyards.
  • Play with a friend or neighbor’s pet. This helps them understand how to handle them gently and teaches kindness.

The Academy Provides Opportunities to Learn about Animals

At The Academy our children have many opportunities to learn about animals—in stories, songs, and hands-on projects involving animals. Our goal is to give children the highest quality preschool education in a fun and safe environment. Our award-winning curriculum guarantees it. Contact us for more information.