The Academy’s Day of Play Puts Learning on Display

In the month of April, all of The Academy preschools placed special emphasis on learning through playing on the “Day of Play,” an activity planned as part of the celebration of the Week of the Young Child™. (The National Association for the Education of Young Children, NAEYC, first established the Week of the Young Child™ in 1971 to emphasize the fact that the early childhood years, from birth through 8, lay the foundation for a child’s success in school.)

Celebrating the Day of Play

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On the Day of Play, parents came to class to play with their children and to learn how seven different types of play build skills in the areas of emotional, social, cognitive, physical, and language development. Parents joined with teachers in playing with the children in seven possible kinds of play: creative, adventure, physical, constructive, story, make-believe, and musical play. For example, a musical play activity involved creating musical shakers using rice, plastic Easter eggs, spoons, and decorative tape. Constructive play provided building blocks, rulers, calculators, sketch pads, and even real construction plans donated by a local builder.

At The Academy, learning through play is a fundamental tenet of the curriculum. Unlike “work” (such as a worksheet that must be completed), “play” is mostly self-directed, is a process, and does not result in a predicted outcome. It offers children the opportunity to use their creativity while developing their skills. For example, running, jumping, climbing, and skipping help toddlers gain muscle control, balance, and coordination. Pretending and using their imaginations teaches children how to solve problems, adds to their vocabulary, and helps them increase attention span and focus.

Go and Play!

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So the next time you’re fixing dinner, and the little ones are under foot, or you’re watching the NBA playoffs, and the children just won’t be quiet, tell them to “Go and play” and don’t feel guilty. Understand that this standard, parental directive really means “Go and learn!” That’s what playing is really all about.

About The Academy

The Academy is one of the top Educational Preschools in Nashville TN with multiple locations in Middle Tennessee providing the highest quality child care with the finest teaching staff available. The Academy boasts state-of-the-art facilities and unmatched educational and enrichment programs.