The Childcare Professionals Give Advice on How To Train a Baby to Fall Asleep on Its Own

Childcare Experts at The Academy Offer Tips on Sleep TrainingDoes your baby wake up frequently in the night? Are you sleep deprived and longing for just one good night’s sleep? Our childcare professionals at The Academy have some sleep training tips for you. You can usually start this sleep training at four to six months old.

Establishing the Right Bedtime

First, set a bed time based on the time your baby shows signs of sleepiness (yawning, eye rubbing, and fussiness). Note that babies need sufficient exercise throughout the day to ensure they will be tired enough to go to sleep at night. That’s why our award-winning curriculum at The Academy provides sufficient activities for infants in our care.

Childcare Professionals Offer Several Methods To Train a Baby to Fall Asleep

There are several methods you can use. When using any method, before you put the baby in the crib, be sure the baby is not hungry and has a clean diaper. Also make sure the bedroom is dark, quiet, and comfortable temperature-wise.

Here are a few popular methods to try.

The Cry It Out Method (CIO)

The famous “Cry It Out” method often works the fastest. Put your baby to bed, say goodnight, and don’t take the baby out of the bed until morning (or the next scheduled feeding). Leaving the baby in the crib is necessary so they learn to fall asleep without assistance.

The Check and Console Method (C&C)

This method suggests you leave the baby in the crib and then re-enter the room at 5 or 10 minute intervals. Each time, you say a few soothing words to your baby but don’t linger. Increase the time between intervals each night.

The Chair Method

With this method, you put the baby in the crib and sit in a chair next to the crib. Leave the room when the baby falls asleep. If the baby wakes up, return to sit in the chair until the baby falls asleep again. Every few nights move the chair further away from the crib until you’re eventually out of the room.

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