The Best Child Care Nolensville Has to Offer

child care nolensville tn daycare preschoolAs one of the best child care centers in Nolensville, TN we know that the safety and well-being of your child is your number one concern. And we take that very seriously. Your child’s safety is not an afterthought at The Academy. Our facilities are built, from the ground up, with children’s safety in mind. Unlike a house, our learning centers are built and furnished for children.

Keeping Your Children Safe at Home

Children are basically curious, and they are quite the little explorers. As they explore, they are also taking risks because they are not old enough to recognize danger.

Because homes are designed for adults, there are many potential dangers for children built into the home. Fortunately, there are many ways to make a home safer for a child.

9 Safety Gadgets to Protect Your Child

Here are a few ways you can minimize dangerous risks in your home:

  1. Use outlet covers.
  2. Install cabinet and drawer locks.
  3. Anchor chests, dressers, and bookcases to the walls.
  4. Use foam or rubber corner protectors and edge cushion.
  5. Install door pinch guards.
  6. Use door knob covers.
  7. Install toilet locks.
  8. Use stove knob covers.

That should take care of most physical dangers in the house.

4 Steps You Can Take to Protect Your Child

A few simple steps can keep your child safe, such as:

  1. Locking windows and exterior doors.
  2. Tying up cords on blinds or drapes so a child cannot reach them.
  3. Keeping dangerous items, such as medicine, guns, and medicines, in a secure or locked cabinet.
  4. Supervising your child.

The Academy at Burkitt Commons – One of the Best Child Care Centers in Nolensville

The Academy at Burkitt Commons in Nolensville, TN is widely considered to be one of the best preschools in Nolensville. Our child care center offers the highest quality child care services with the  most caring teaching staff you can find.