Celebrating Christmas at The Academy

Christmas time is a time for our children to celebrate and to think about how children around the world celebrate. Some Christmas customs in other countries are somewhat different, such as putting shoes on the windowsill for Santa in Iceland. But many of the Christmas activities are very much like ours. They include Santa, the baby Jesus, Christmas trees, singing carols, holiday food, and decorations.

The Christmas Spirit is Alive and Well

Christmas is indeed in the air at all our Academy locations. Our children are busy making decorations for their rooms and ornaments for their Christmas trees. This time of year provides so many special learning experiences and great photo ops. 

S is for Santa, Stockings, and Snow!

Christmas is the perfect time for studying the letter “S.” One of our four-year-old classes decorated their own Stockings, while others are writing letters to Santa. One of our Pre-K classes enjoyed the one “Snow Day” we had by going outside and trying to catch the tiny snowflakes on their tongues. 

S is for Singing, Stories, and Snacking

If you walk through our halls, you may hear Christmas carols or Jingle Bells. Singing is one of our favorite group activities, along with reading stories, such as ‘Twas the Night before Christmas. Special snacks are always a huge hit here, but even more so at Christmas. Our children especially enjoyed making (and eating) our special “reindeer” snack.

The Academy Is an Award-Winning Preschool

At the Academy we take every opportunity to be true to our belief that children learn best when actively engaged in all aspects of their environment. If you are looking for the best preschool for your child, we invite you to find out more about us. The Academy is proud to have  the coveted 3-star rating by The Tennessee Star-Quality Child Care Program.