Getting Ready For Kindergarten

Kindergarten can be a big adjustment for kids, as well as parents. If you haven’t been getting ready for kindergarten, there are still some things that you can do to help your child adjust.

pre k programs nashville preschools child care daycareTips for Making Kindergarten Easier

Before school started, sleeping times could be adjusted according to the activities of the family. However, once kindergarten begins, some routines might need to be adjusted:

  • Eliminate nap time. Most children by the age of five have quit their naps. But if your child still wants one, help your child adjust to a day without naps.
  • Have a set time for bed. Your child will need to get into the routine of going to bed earlier and at the same time. This will make it easier for him to be ready in the morning to get dressed, eat, and leave for school.

Expectations for Kindergarten

Parents need to talk to their children about what kindergarten will be like. Here are a few things to discuss with your child:

  • Length of the school day. Most kindergartens are full day. At first, your child may be tired by the length of the day and the many structured activities. When your child gets home, have a healthy snack ready allow him time for some favorite activities.
  • Clothes and school items. Your child may need to dress a little bit differently for kindergarten. If that’s a problem, encourage your child to pick out school outfits. Definitely let your child choose items for school such as back packs, crayons, etc. Your child will be excited to go to school to show the other kids the new purchases.
  • Daily kindergarten routines. Talk to your child about the importance of following instructions, listening carefully to the teacher, and getting along with the other children. Make this an ongoing discussion as the year goes on.

The Academy Is Your Child’s Partner in Getting Ready for Kindergarten

While Parents prepare their children for kindergarten at home, we are doing the same thing here at The Academy. Our pre-K programs in Nashville focus on preparing the students on a daily basis. Our Kindergarten Boot Camp program is a concentrated summer program that brings all the training together. If you have a child that is pre-K age, now is a good time to start preparing for next year.

How Animals Benefit Early Childhood Development

At The Academy, a learning center for early childhood development, we encourage hands-on learning. Learning and caring for animals can be a valuable hands-on lesson for children. By caring for animals, children can develop many cognitive and emotional skills. We are one of the leading preschools in middle Tennessee with five preschools in Franklin, TN at the time of this blog post.

early childhood development preschools in Franklin TNGrowing Up With a Pet

Owning a pet is often the thing children remember most from their childhood. But in addition to memories, pets help children with their emotional well-being both as children and adults. For example:

  • If a child loses a pet, he will understand death better and be able to cope if a friend or relative dies.
  • Confiding in their pets when they are feeling blue helps children to express their emotions and process them.
  • By taking care of the needs of pets, such as walking and feeding them, children learn to think about someone besides themselves. They also learn responsibility.
  • Playing with a pet can relieve the stress and anxiety a child may feel from home situations or school.

Learning about Animals during Early Childhood Development

If you are unable to have a pet in your home, children can learn to respect animals in other ways:

  • Go to a local zoo. Let the children watch zookeepers caring for animals, In many zoos there are petting areas with bunnies and goats.
  • Look in your own backyard. Children can watch for birds, deer, and squirrels in their natural habitat.
  • Plan a bug hunt. They can keep a record of the many different bugs they see in their own backyards.
  • Play with a friend or neighbor’s pet. This helps them understand how to handle them gently and teaches kindness.

The Academy Provides Opportunities to Learn about Animals

At The Academy our children have many opportunities to learn about animals—in stories, songs, and hands-on projects involving animals. Our goal is to give children the highest quality preschool education in a fun and safe environment. Our award-winning curriculum guarantees it. Contact us for more information.

The Best Daycares in Spring Hill Teach Socialization Skills

When searching for the best daycares in Spring Hill, many parents are eager to find one with a good teaching curriculum. At The Academy we have an award-winning preschool curriculum,  and that’s important. But we know that before young children can learn academics, they have to learn social and emotional skills.

Teaching A Sense of Community

Best Daycares in Spring HillPreschool children are learning, maybe for the first time, how to be part of a classroom community. A preschool curriculum that focuses on socialization skills helps children understand what it means to be part of a community. Activities such as lining up to go in or out to the play yard, sitting in a circle for reading time, and listening to others helps develop the sense of community.

Focusing on Socialization

Our goal is to help children become a well-rounded student, friend, family member, and community member. That’s why so many of our activities focus on socialization. These include activities such as sharing crayons, playing with an object as a group, and eating together. These activities help develop important skills such as teamwork, patience, and understanding.

Developing social skills help your child to:

  • manage his own feelings
  • understand others’ feelings
  • recognize the needs of others
  • interact with others respectfully

Providing Age-Appropriate Activities

To this point, we have been discussing social skills in general terms. However, at The Academy we know what kind of activities are appropriate for the age of the child. For example, a two-year old is usually too young to play “with” another child. At this age, a child begins to participate in “parallel play.” So, we encourage a 2-year-old to play side by side with another child, rather than interactively playing with the child.

The Academy Provides the Best Daycares in Spring Hill and Other Local Communities

With 11 locations and new locations opening soon, you can find The Academy in preschools in Spring Hill, Franklin, Brentwood, Murfreesboro, Nashville, and Hendersonville. Use our online form to request more information for a location near you.

The Academy Summer Daycare Program

summer daycare programAt The Academy, we know that children need a break from school. That’s why we design our summer daycare program to feel like a vacation from school. Our program during the regular school year is filled with fun, but it has a more academic feel. During the summer’s warm weather, we have more activities outside that allow children to play, explore, learn, and relax. Children are learning just as much in the summer, but they feel more like they are playing.

We also have Kindergarten Bootcamp for children getting ready to enroll in kindergarten the next school year. This not only prepares children for kindergarten, it gives them the “summer camp” experience.

When Did Summer Break Originate?

The summer break originated early in the 20th century. Previously, urban schools operated year-round, but school attendance was not mandatory. And so, students averaged only six months of attendance. This led to eliminate the summer quarter and cut the school year to 180 days. Additionally, at that time, physicians believed that children were too feeble for year-round instruction. And the spread of diseases in the summer in poorly ventilated schools was also a concern.

Check Out Our Summer Daycare Program

Now we know children aren’t too feeble for year-round instruction, and our schools are air-conditioned. But it’s just common sense that year after year of daycare with no break can become a grind. And that is why we at The Academy do everything we can to make our summer daycare program feel different.

The proof is in the pudding. Our students look forward to summer at The Academy. They love playing in the water and going down the giant water slide. Making mud pies is another favorite. And, of course, the children love nothing better than riding their tricycles, big wheels, and scooters in the playground. We invite you to come and see for yourself.

Teaching Children To Be Generous

How many times have you noticed your preschooler grabbing other children’s toys? You might begin to wonder if your child is selfish. The answer is yes!  But don’t worry, your child just needs time to develop. The Academy is the perfect place to help parents with teaching children to be generous and not be selfish. Parents have voted The Academy top of the list of Nashville preschools for 13 years straight.

Teaching Your Child about Giving

Teaching Children TO Be GenerousAs a parent you need to show your child what it means to think of others even if it does not benefit him. Here are several tips on how to teach your child about giving to others.

  • Acts of Kindness. Talk to your child about performing acts of kindness. It can be something as small as drawing a picture for grandma or opening a door for a stranger.
  • Donate. Encourage your child to go through his clothes and toys he doesn’t need. Then take him to a center that needs these items so he can appreciate how he has helped others. Additionally, donating time to an elderly neighbor or helping a family member do a chore can be just as meaningful.
  • Need. Help your child understand need by discussing family problems that others could have. It might be financial, physical limitations, or emotional problems. Talk to them about ways to help classmates that might have a “need.”
  • Volunteering. Bring your child with you as you volunteer. Encourage him to think of people or organizations he feels might need help.

Teaching Children To Be Generous Is a Process

Even after practicing these tips on how to make your child a giver, will he still be selfish at times? Of course! But with constant encouragement, you will be able to see positive changes in your child.



The Top Child Care Centers Nashville Offers Teach Children to Share

Sharing is not often a trait found in children, but it is an important social skill to learn. The child care centers Nashville parents appreciate most, use activities that help child understand the importance life skills. When a child learns about generosity and sharing at an early age, he will continue to practiced it as an adult.

Child Care Centers Nashville - Teach SharingActivities for Sharing Taught at Child Care Centers in Nashville

We all have seen children unwilling to share their toys or excluding classmates from activities. That’s why we feel it’s important to help instill generosity and sharing in our students. We want them to see that the world is much bigger than just them.

These are some of the activities we use to encourage generosity and sharing:

  • Reading books that demonstrate what generosity looks like.
    We use the characters in the books to help them see the joy of giving. Then we ask them to discuss ways they could spread joy at school and home.
  • Spending time with others.
    We have many activities that the children participate in together. At home, you can encourage your children to interact with friends and family. Children need time away from ever-present technology.
  • Modeling acts of generosity and giving.
    Our staff look for ways to model generosity and praise acts of generosity and sharing when exhibited by our students. At home, you can include your child in your acts of generosity by taking them with you when you donate to a local food bank or run an errand for an elderly neighbor, or take a meal to someone who is ill or grieving.

Join The Academy – Day Care and Child Care Centers Nashville

The Academy is an award-winning educational preschool with locations in Nashville, Franklin, Brentwood, Spring Hill, Hendersonville, and Murfreesboro. We have multiple daycares in Nashville TN and we would love to have you join our family.




The Best Preschool Programs Nashville Has Are Found at The Academy

There are several reasons why the best preschool programs Nashville has are found at The Academy. One reason is our great curricula. At The Academy, we use a nationally recognized, award-winning curriculum as our foundation.  Also, The Academy’s enrichment program, provided by Pre-Scholar Enrichments, is designed to give children a wealth of hands-on learning experience in addition to the regular curriculum. (No extra cost for the enrichment program.)

Best Preschool Programs Nashville Have Great CurriculaOf course, all our preschools centers are modern, clean, and safe, with  more than adequate indoor and outdoor space. Now let’s take a look at three other, perhaps-not-so-obvious reasons our centers are the best.

Structured But Flexible Daily Schedule

Children must have structure and routine. It makes them feel safe. The best daycares have lesson plans prepared that they follow daily. These plans should also allow time in them for flexibility. At The Academy our daily lesson plans are structured, but they  accommodate the needs of all the children.


State government mandates many policies for preschool centers to follow, and The Academy meets all the state requirements. But we want to go the extra mile when it comes to accountability. We are a member of the Tennessee Star-Quality Child Care Program, and have received the coveted 3-star rating. This is the highest rating, and it means The Academy preschools  meet the highest possible standards in regard to child care.

Good Nutrition

Many preschool centers ask parents to send snacks and lunches with their children. But at The Academy centers, we provide nutritious snacks and meals throughout the day. We serve a continental style breakfast each morning from opening to 9 a.m., and parents are welcome to enjoy breakfast with their children if they desire.

The Best Preschool Programs Nashville Parents Demand

With eleven locations throughout Nashville, Franklin, Brentwood, Hendersonville, Murfreesboro, and Spring Hill, we have a location near you. We invite you to request more information or schedule a tour of one of our centers. We would love for you to join our family.



The Best Daycares Nashville Has to Offer – Driven by Curiosity

As parents watch their children grow, they notice their joy of discovery. This joy can come from nature, playtime, or books. We at The Academy feel it is an important part of our curriculum to help build a child’s curiosity. We want to share ways you as parents can do this also.

Simple Ways to Build Curiosity

Helping to build your child’s curiosity is not difficult. Here are four easy ways to help your child explore the world around him.

1. Instill a sense of wonder

Parents need to slow down to allow themselves and their child to notice the simple things in nature. Whether it is a flower, snowflake, or a squirrel, observing small things in nature can help your child appreciate the world around him.

2. Communicate through art

Create opportunities for you and your child to develop her curiosity through art. Paints and play dough are fun ways for children to express their feelings. Take pictures on your nature walks. Put them in a book to remind you both of the experiences you shared.

3. Follow your child’s interests

Let your child’s interests determine what he explores. Even if you as a parent don’t know the answers to his questions, together you can search possible solutions. His curiosity with be broadened as he pursues activities he loves.

4. Use open-ended questions

As busy parents, it is often easy to answer questions with a yes or no. But to encourage thinking, prompt your children with thoughtful questions. This will help them with their understanding and lead them to more discoveries.


If You are Curious about the Best Daycares Nashville Has to Offer – Visit Us at the Academy

If you visit us at our Harpeth Village location in nashville, you’ll be visiting one of the premier Nashville TN preschools. Come and see for yourself everything that the Academy has to offer.

Nashville Preschools with Playgrounds that Are Great for Preschoolers

preschools with playgrounds nashville tn best preschools child care daycaresAt The Academy we provide playground equipment that is state-of-the-art. Why? Because we know how important playing on a playground is in your child’s develop. They are so important that you should probably only consider sending your children to preschools with playgrounds.

When you become a parent and begin to consider the benefits of a preschool, you often concentrate on the school curriculum.  While reading, writing, art and music are essential to a child’s growth, playground time is just as important. Children enjoy time outside, but, in addition, playing promotes growth and strengthens large muscles in your child.

The Academy Is the Right Place for Your Child

At the Academy we use an award-winning curriculum to provide them the background necessary for elementary school. And we also provide playgrounds to help increase gross motor development for a healthier future. If you are looking for Murfreesboro TN preschools, look no farther than The Academy. We also have locations in Franklin, Brentwood, Nashville, Hendersonville, and Spring Hill.

The Advantages Preschools with Playgrounds Offer Your Children

An often-hidden perk on the playground is when the children try things on their own:

  • The stairs on the slide may be difficult at first. But as the stairs get easier with repetition, the child enjoys a sense of accomplishment.
  • Using equipment the wrong way has health benefits too. For example, a child might climb up a slide instead of sliding down it. This activity makes a child less clumsy and develops bodily awareness. It also sends messages to the brain about balance and motion, helping develop equilibrium.
  • Climbing stairs or climbing up a slide increase core strength as well as leg strength.

Learning to swing is also instructional. The playgrounds at The Academy have swings that are both relaxing and soothing to the child. For young children, our instructors help them swing by pushing them. But as a child gets older, he or she will start to pump their legs on their own. This builds confidence as well as stronger legs and muscles.


4 Ways the Arts Enhance Early Learning

We know that the “3 R’s”—Reading, ‘Riting, and ‘Rithmetic—are essential to a child’s education. But we also know that music and the arts enhance early learning. Because schools are cutting art programs to save money, it is even more important that preschools introduce the arts to children. So, here are four reasons why children need to have a background in visual arts and music:

1. Music Improves the Memory

Young children have short attention spans and short memories. One of the tasks of early learning is to lengthen both. Songs and music can do this. Therefore, as you know, all the educational children’s shows use songs to teach concepts. The ability to retain information is essential for future skill-building.

2. Art Improves Academic Achievement

At The Academy, we let children create their own “works of art” in connection with what they are learning. This gives them a good attitude toward learning in general. But it also helps them retain what they are learning.

3. The Arts Enhance Early Learning with Creativity

Creativity is a must-have in life. At the Academy, we can foster the creative mindset because creativity:

  • leads to creative thinking and problem solving
  • engenders flexibility
  • relieves stress
  • promotes self-awareness and self-expression

4. The Arts Build Confidence

One way a child builds confidence in completing artworks or performing in a musical presentation. Each time a child feels a sense of achievement, the confidence grows. So, this allows the child to take more risks. And taking risks is essential to growth.

The Academy Supports Early Learning with the Arts

The Academy is an early learning childcare center. We have the best preschools in Nashville and the surrounding areas. Our unique environment focuses on the early learning process. Our goal is to help children develop physically, emotionally, cognitively, and socially. Contact us today to find out more.