At-Home Preschool Activities for COVID-19 Isolation

Many parents are having trouble coming up with enough at-home preschool activities for their little ones to do every day. Below are two suggestions to help you out.

Playing Rock School

Rock School appeals to both pre-school-age and school-age children. To play this game, you need a set of stairs and a small rock.

Tip: Finding the “perfect” rock is an activity in itself.

One person is the “teacher” and all others are “students.” The students begin by sitting on the first step – the first grade. The teacher hides the rock in one hand. Then holds out both fists to the first student. If the child guesses the hand with the rock, he or she gets promoted to the next grade and gets to move up to the next step. This is repeated over and over, taking turns with each child.

The winner is the first one to get to the highest grade. The winner can also become the teacher for the next game.

Making Faces

This activity helps children recognize and understand emotions on other children’s faces. It’s a good opportunity to teach appropriate responses.

Ask your child to make a “sad face.” Then spend some talking about what makes people sad and how to react to someone who is sad. Repeat the process for a happy face, a funny face, a tired face, a worried face, a scared face, etc.

Tip: You can lengthen the time for this activity by taking photos for a Facebook post.

More At-Home Preschool Activities

And you can find more activities, courtesy of one of our Cool Springs’ blogs, by clicking here. Additionally, we recommend GoNoodle.

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