4 Ways the Arts Enhance Early Learning

We know that the “3 R’s”—Reading, ‘Riting, and ‘Rithmetic—are essential to a child’s education. But we also know that music and the arts enhance early learning. Because schools are cutting art programs to save money, it is even more important that preschools introduce the arts to children. So, here are four reasons why children need to have a background in visual arts and music:

1. Music Improves the Memory

Young children have short attention spans and short memories. One of the tasks of early learning is to lengthen both. Songs and music can do this. Therefore, as you know, all the educational children’s shows use songs to teach concepts. The ability to retain information is essential for future skill-building.

2. Art Improves Academic Achievement

At The Academy, we let children create their own “works of art” in connection with what they are learning. This gives them a good attitude toward learning in general. But it also helps them retain what they are learning.

3. The Arts Enhance Early Learning with Creativity

Creativity is a must-have in life. At the Academy, we can foster the creative mindset because creativity:

  • leads to creative thinking and problem solving
  • engenders flexibility
  • relieves stress
  • promotes self-awareness and self-expression

4. The Arts Build Confidence

One way a child builds confidence in completing artworks or performing in a musical presentation. Each time a child feels a sense of achievement, the confidence grows. So, this allows the child to take more risks. And taking risks is essential to growth.

The Academy Supports Early Learning with the Arts

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